Welcome to the Tennis Club singles ladder!

Each match is one single set, or best of three sets if both players agree, with a tie break at 6-6 in each set. For their initial challenge a player can challenge any other player, but thereafter a player can only challenge a player 1, 2 or 3 places higher (or any number of places lower) in the table: if the lower ranked player loses, the ladder remains unaltered, but if that player wins, he/she takes the position of the losing player and intermediate players drop one place. A higher ranked player needn't accept a subsequent challenge from a lower ranked player if the lower ranked player hasn't played someone else since their previous match.

To join the table enter your name and telephone number here, and contact Matthew for the password. New players join at the bottom of the table, but can rise rapidly via a prudent initial challenge.

Name:  Telephone number:  Password: 

If you have any difficulties, please contact Matthew Dodd.

The table currently stands as follows:

Position Player Contact
1Richard Gilbert07842 833946
2Atilio Loncar01725 552651
3Felicity Harris785118
4Matthew Dodd780102
5Ian Jones781169
6Simon Wells714541
7John Dutson780502
8Dan Binns780004
9Peter Zarkovic717899
10Ail Powis780483
11Mark Kitchen743471

Please report results here, even if they don't change the ladder order:

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Previous results:

Date Result Score
18/07/2019Felicity Harris beat Matthew Dodd6-1
04/04/2019Atilio Loncar beat Matthew Dodd8-6
25/10/2018Matthew Dodd beat Ian Jones6-1
25/10/2018Ian Jones beat Matthew Dodd6-2
04/10/2018Matthew Dodd beat Atilio Loncar6-4
04/10/2018Matthew Dodd beat Ian Jones6-2
04/10/2018Matthew Dodd beat John Dutson6-3
28/09/2018Atilio Loncar beat Matthew Dodd7-6
09/09/2018Matthew Dodd beat Ian Jones6-3
09/05/2018Richard Gilbert beat Matthew Dodd6-2 6-3
29/03/2018Simon Wells beat John Dutson6-2 8-6
09/03/2018John Dutson beat Simon Wells6-2 5-1
15/02/2018John Dutson beat Matthew Dodd7-5
31/12/2017Dan Binns beat Peter Zarkovic6-4
05/11/2017Matthew Dodd beat John Dutson6-2 6-4
02/11/2017Atilio Loncar beat Matthew Dodd6-4
02/11/2017John Dutson beat Simon Wells6-1
08/10/2017Atilio Loncar beat Simon Wells7-5
07/09/2017Simon Wells beat Matthew Dodd7-6
10/06/2017Richard Gilbert beat Atilio Loncar6-3